Eating Fresh and Healthy
Eating Fresh and Healthy

A weekly delivery of fresh, organic food in Raton is possible through membership in the Raton Food Co-op. Wonderful varieties of organic, natural, and fresh food are shipped from the Denver area warehouse forĀ Shamrock Foodservice. Orders must be placed before 4:00 PM Tuesday for the Friday afternoon delivery.

All of the customer’s orders are accumulated for each item until the minimum case amount requirement is met. Once the requirement for the bulk item is met, then the item will be ordered, thereby allowing each customer to order smaller quantities.

Once there are enough orders for each item, the order is placed for delivery on Friday afternoon. If you are a member and are having trouble placing your order please contact Laura at Patchwork Phoenix (575)445-8000. If you are not a member, please visit Patchwork Phoenix, 228 S. 1st Street, Raton, New Mexico to purchase your $20.00 annual membership and learn more about the food co-op.

Visit the Shop page to place your order.